Exploring Burlington County, NJ, Part Two

Preface I share my blogposts on Twitter and LinkedIn. I also let a few friends know via email. The suggestions that I received were welcome. Some were things I had already planned to do and others I had not thought of. Now, allow me to continue… Exploring Burlington County, NJ Employment, continued… In my first post, I mentioned the autocorrelation of the data. I will post the autocorrelation graph here again, using the acf function in R:

Exploring Burlington County, NJ

Beginning An Exploration of Burlington County, NJ Early last year, my family and I moved back to the Philadelphia area. We settled in Burlington County, New Jersey. Details on the county and a bit about its history can be found on via Wikipedia. I wanted to start this exploration with looking at county employment. I downloaded these data from the BLS QCEW website, which covers 2007 through 2017. Employment figures for the county for 2018 are not yet available.